About Us

Our History

ELECTROCARE is a professionals organization having experience from
House to Power House. We worked for different companies & Government Departments.

Government departments such as -- life insurance corporation of india -- state bank of india -- Punjab national bank -- canara bank and other financial institutions -- ordinance clothing factory. "as A class electrical Contractor" consultant for electrical installation and electrical audit & fire risk audit & maintenance too.

Some of Our Valuable Customers

  • LifeInsurance Corporation of India (LIC) Agra Division

    As a A class Electrical contractor for maintenance and installation.

  • State Bank of India Agra Circle

    As a A class Electrical contractor for electrification of Branches.

  • Punjab National Bank Agra Circle

    Electrical Fire Risk Audit and supply.

  • Canara Bank Agra Circle

    Electrical Fire Risk Audit and supply.

  • UTI Agra Office

    Electrification for officers residence M.G. Road, Agra.

  • Generator Industries

    Design, Development & Testing.

  • Hotel Industries

    Supply & Development.

  • Shoe Industries

    Supply & Development

  • Ginni Filaments Limited Kosi Kalan, Mathura, UP

    Supply of Special purpose Assemble and Sub Assembly.

  • Ordinance Equipment Hajratpur, Firozabad, UP

    Design, Development for Testing Instrument

  • 509 Army Base Workshop Agra

    For Development of High Voltage D.C. Power Supply (50kV) (indirect)

  • Mathura Refinery, Mathura

    Development indirectly.

Some of My Important Employers

  • Jordon Phospate Mines, Jordan

    As a Sub Station Specialist for 3 Years.

  • Hydel Power Station Dhalipur & Dhakrani (Dehradun)

    As a supervisors In charge for installation, Testing & Commissioning for 4 Years.

  • IDPL Rishikesh with L&T

    As sub contractor for cable laying & termination

  • IP Thermal Power Station New Delhi with Westorn Indian Erecters (GE USA)

    Cable Laying & Termination Testing & Commissioning.

  • Government Pilot Workshop Deoband (Saharanpur)

    As Electrical Instructor 3 Years.